All the ingredients used in Nature All have unique individual characteristics.  These individual properties are accentuated by combining these ingredients in our special formulas.  Nature All is an excellent alternative to traditional products because they are effective, cleaning products 100% natural and friendly with the environment.

Nature All products contain some or all of the ingredients listed below:


Vinegar has been used for thousands of years and is a common ingredient in our homes.  White vinegar is often used as a cleaner to remove stains, shine metal and other surfaces.  Being acidic, it can dissolve minerals that are deposited on glass, coffee machines, bathrooms and other surfaces.


Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is a solvent often used in fragrances, flavors, dyes, drugs and alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol is also used as an antiseptic and disinfectant in different products. Unlike the isopropyl alcohol (“Rubbing Alcohol”) and synthetic versions of ethanol, the alcohol used in Nature All is obtained from the fermentation of sugars in natural products such as corn and yeast.

Natural surfactant

Nature All contains a natural non-ionic surfactant with unique cleaning characteristics. Its properties as a detergent increase the cleaning capability of the product.  It is especially effective in cleaning applications since it leaves no streaks on smooth surfaces and is not corrosive on synthetic surfaces.  Unlike other non-ionic surfactants, it is well soluble in water regardless of the water hardness.

In addition to these unique features, it is made from sugars in corn and coconut oil.

Borax (sodium Tetraborate)

Boric acid and sodium Tetraborate (Borax) are used in a wide range of consumer products such as detergents, cosmetics and personal care products. Borates are also essential for plants and are found naturally in soil.

Borates and tetraborates are used in many household and industrial products for the cleaning of metals, glass, drains, toilets, floors and machinery.  Also found in dishwashing detergents and soaps.  They can act as bleaches and softeners of water which increase the effectiveness of surfactants.

Essential oils

Nature All only uses aromatherapy grade essential oils extracted from plants by distillation or maceration.  These essential oils are never extracted with chemical solvents.  All oils that we use have a history of safe use and are obtained from plants that are not in danger. People sensitive to chemical fragrances often discover the pleasure of using Nature All products with natural fragrances that do not affect their health.


Aroma Menthol.
Part of the plant used Fresh or partially dried leaves.
Medical uses Expectorant, antimicrobial, eliminate mucus, antibacterial, eliminates fungi, antiviral and “anti-aging”.
Uses Respiratory infections, decongestant, arthritis, injured muscle relief.
Benefits of fragrance Promotes health, feel well, purification and healing.


Aroma Flower, herbs, wood scent.
Part of the plant used Fresh flowers
Medical uses Anti-bacterial, it eliminates fungi
Uses Antiseptic. Absorption qualities make them very good to help with respiratory, circulatory and muscular conditions.
Benefits of fragrance It soothes, relaxes and balances physical, mentally and emotionally. University studies have found that it increases mental alertness and concentration. It also helps reduce depression and increases cognitive efficiency.

Tea Tree

Aroma Freshness and antiseptic
Part of the plant used Leaves and stems
Medical uses Antibacterial, eliminates fungi, antiviral, antiparàsits, anti-inflammatory.
Uses Fungal infections, diseases of the gums and teeth, high blood pressure, water retention and skin conditions.
Benefits of fragrance It promotes the feeling of cleanliness and purity