Frequently asked questions


Can it be used on the floor?

Absolutely, you can use the “All Purpose Cleaner” directly on the floor with a damp mop.  If using the “Concentrate Formula” we recommend to dilute or rinse with water after application.

Can it be used to wash the car?

Absolutely, we recommend diluting the “Concentrate Formula”.  Either way is strong with grease and does not stain any surface or abrade the paint.

Can it be used for Windows and Mirrors?

It is excellent to clean windows and mirrors.  The “All Purpose” can be used direct as any other “Glass Cleaner”, the “Concentrate Formula” should be diluted with water before applying it.  For exteriors crystals we recommend applying it with a broom or brush and then rinse with water, when it dries leaves no stains.

Can it be used to clean metallic and non-metallic surfaces?

Unlike products for shining metals and other surfaces, Nature All can be applied directly in all kinds of metallic and non-metallic surfaces without the risk of stains.  The most efficient way is to apply the product and then scrub with a brush or sponge followed by rinsing with water or wiping with a towel.  There is no need to apply any type of wax.  It is excellent for silver, chromium, stainless steel, ceramics, counter tops, stove tops, etc.

How does it work in the bathrooms?

It has no comparison, because it can be applied without the fear of generation of vapors or asphyxiating odors.  It removes soap, fungi and slime deposits as well as any bleaching product without the hazardous of exposure to hypochlorites.  For better results use an abrasive sponge to help in the removal of common stains found in bathrooms.  Leave the bathroom shining with a pleasant smell of natural cleansing.