Who we are

Our company is dedicated to develop, manufacture and distribute cleaning products for household, industry and business. Our commitment as a company is to provide cost effective products that are environmentally friendly and efficient at the same time.

We manufacture NATURE ALL, an all-purpose cleaner made with 100% natural ingredients. Nature All combines natural ingredients used individually for hundreds of years in our homes.  By combining these ingredients in the right proportions we have developed a powerful, safe and effective product for cleaning applications.

Nature All is not harmful to human health and can be used in the presence of children and pets.

How was the product born?

Nature All was born out of a desire of having an efficient all purpose cleaner that does not contain compounds harmful to health that can cause irritation of the respiratory tract, eyes and skin such as hypochlorites, ammonia, sulphates, “Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chlorides” among others.  Nature All contains mixtures of natural ingredients which by themselves are excellent for some general cleaning applications, but when mixed in the proper proportions, produce a synergy which makes these products your best choice for cleaning.  In addition to this, the fragrance of our products is obtained with aromatherapy grade essential oils. We have created a safe and efficient product for most cleaning applications at home.